Guess who chose to use this photo?

Kelsey Krasnigor | The Better Half

An 80 year old woman pretending to be a 27 year old lady (see: bedtime, choice in clothing, and constant griping about her body's aches and pains), Kelsey Krasnigor is the self-proclaimed better half of the Levine-Krasnigor household. She likes telling long-winded stories, eating food, forcing affection upon her cat, and watching YouTube videos of Harry Styles. Special Skills include knitting, knowing all the words to Aaron's Party by Aaron Carter, and having notorious bad luck.

Follow her on Instagram: @kelseykraz

Ian Levine | Aspiring Househusband

Hailed by kindergarten & elementary school teachers as "very promising" and "★", Ian Levine went on to earn a quarter of a degree in Linguistics (with an un-pursued minor in Classical Studies) at the University of California, Santa Cruz. While in Santa Cruz he made the fateful decision to dedicate his career to Specialty Coffee, earning local & national notoriety which has since been lost. Ian is the proud author of titles for yet-to-be-written books such as How to Be Depressed and Still Look Good (fashion/self-help), I'm in a Positive Romantic Relationship; Why Aren't You? (relationships/advice), and Jokes I've Had To Explain (reference).

Follow him on Instagram: @ianblevine