Episode 10: Catfished Again, $Bleep, DnDnAnxiety, Queen Bey ft. Jay-Z

We’re trying out a new thing where I don’t write a description! Totally not because I’m lazy but because part of growth is experimentation, and sometimes you have to experiment with things you don’t necessarily think will work. Like NOT communicating with your loyal followers. So, sorry everyone, but I’m not writing a description this time. You’ll just have to listen and find out what we talk about.

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Episode 5: Lost Episodes, BIG FIVE HUNDOOOO, Birdgins, WAYTpodcast.com

Guys, honestly, it’s almost 10pm, and I’ve been up since like 5am and I’m pretty tired so I’m not going to dedicate too much time to writing this description. So, generally speaking, this episode sounds like this:

Ian: Subscribe and rate our podcast!
Kelsey: it’s ya boi, Kelsey!
Ian: -eye roll-
Kelsey: Do you want to go first?
Ian: You go.
Kelsey: No you.
Ian: No, you.
Kelsey: I always go first.
Ian: Fine. -funny story-
Kelsey: -laughter-
Ian: -tongue click sounds-
Kelsey: -funny story-
Ian: -laughter that’s too loud for our iPhone recording-
Cat: meow
Kelsey: -next funny story-
Ian: We’ve been doing this for like 45 minutes, should we stop?
Kelsey: Keep going, we’re fine.
Ian: -less funny story because he’s obviously getting a little tired. Yeah, he’s doing that thing where you can tell he’s trying to be funny, which he is being funny, but like, in a way where it feels a little forced-
Kelsey: Thanks for listening!
Ian: Subscribe and rate our podcast!
Cat: Meow again.

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Episode 4: Intro Music (again), Cease & Desist Letters, Helpful Honda Days are Over, Ian Crying

Wherein we now have intro music (and more!), Ian talks about his ageless mother's birthday, Kelsey talks about Dodgers with Dads, and both Kelsey & Ian have lightning rounds because we mismanaged our time and went like 20 minutes longer than we intended to but didn't want to skimp out on the content so I hope you have a long drive today because you're going to be with us for a while.

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Episode 3: Intro Music, No Hug Zone, King Feminist, First Looks & Last Chances

Wherein Kelsey talks about her screening for her short film, Space Jam in the park, Ian talks about crippling depression (in a fun way!), and WE talk about our recent meeting with our wedding coördinator (yes, the second 'o' should have a diaeresis because it isn't part of a diphthong, but rather its own independent vowel sound. Trust me, I have a quarter of a degree in Linguistics).

Also, we reach out to a friend about writing us Intro & Outro music, and we reach out to the rest of you because we may need a new podcast name. Text us your ideas!

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Episode 1: How Was Your Week?

The first episode of How Was Your Week? wherein Kelsey talks about the beach, and scoot-scoot-scootering, while Ian talks about talking about Kelsey to his coworkers, and the Make Kanye Kanye Again hat.

Also, I guarantee Kelsey reads this description and asks me not to write them anymore.

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