Episode 10: Catfished Again, $Bleep, DnDnAnxiety, Queen Bey ft. Jay-Z

We’re trying out a new thing where I don’t write a description! Totally not because I’m lazy but because part of growth is experimentation, and sometimes you have to experiment with things you don’t necessarily think will work. Like NOT communicating with your loyal followers. So, sorry everyone, but I’m not writing a description this time. You’ll just have to listen and find out what we talk about. This is the one time where I won’t tell you about our Instagrams ( instagram.com/kelseykraz ) (instagram.com/ianblevine ), and where I don’t tell you about how Ian Holiday does our intro & outro music ( instagram.com/enholiday ) and we especially won’t tell you about our website ( www.waytpodcast.com ). So we’ll see how things go this week, and if they go well, I’ll never do another description again.

Recorded 9/26/2018

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