Episode 4: Intro Music (again), Cease & Desist Letters, Helpful Honda Days are Over, Ian Crying

Wherein we now have intro music (and more!), Ian talks about his ageless mother's birthday, Kelsey talks about Dodgers with Dads, and both Kelsey & Ian have lightning rounds because we mismanaged our time and went like 20 minutes longer than we intended to but didn't want to skimp out on the content so I hope you have a long drive today because you're going to be with us for a while.

Infinite thanks to Ian Holiday for writing our Intro, Outro, and Ad music. You can find him on Instagram at @enholiday.

Finite thanks to Hayley Yerington for letting me know how to spell "lightning" as well as her last name. You can find her sitting across from me as I write this.

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Recorded 8/13/2018

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