Episode 5: Lost Episodes, BIG FIVE HUNDOOOO, Birdgins, WAYTpodcast.com

Guys, honestly, it’s almost 10pm, and I’ve been up since like 5am and I’m pretty tired so I’m not going to dedicate too much time to writing this description. So, generally speaking, this episode sounds like this:

Ian: Subscribe and rate our podcast!
Kelsey: it’s ya boi, Kelsey!
Ian: -eye roll-
Kelsey: Do you want to go first?
Ian: You go.
Kelsey: No you.
Ian: No, you.
Kelsey: I always go first.
Cat: meow
Kelsey: -funny story-
Ian: We’ve been doing this for like 45 minutes, should we stop?
Kelsey: Keep going, we’re fine.
Ian: -less funny story because he’s obviously getting a little tired. Yeah, he’s doing that thing where you can tell he’s trying to be funny, which he is being funny, but like, in a way where it feels a little forced-
Kelsey: Thanks for listening!
Ian: Subscribe and rate our podcast!
Cat: Meow again.

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All Music by Ian Holiday (Instagram: @enholiday)

Recorded August 20th, 2018

10 seconds of lifting; 30 minutes of prepping.

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